“We grow and supply deliciously tasty and nutritious microgreens…”

Our Story

We grow and supply deliciously tasty and nutritious microgreens to make your world a brighter, happier and healthier place.

  • We create the perfect growing environment – The perfect temperature and humidity 24/7, exactly the right quality and quantity of light (a nice long day lit by state-of-the-art LED’s, and a short night), loads and loads of CO2 which plants just love, a little burst of mist every now and again to quench their thirst, and we top it off with a gentle little breeze.
  • We use aeroponics. Yes, that’s right….we grow in “air”. Our greens are misted periodically through a high-pressure misting system. So no dirty soil or gritty hydroponic grow medium left behind on your dishes, and the oxygen-rich environment ensures improved plant health.
  • Growing in air saves water too, a precious commodity in our beautiful, but oh-so-dry, South Africa.  Research points to aeroponics using up to 95% less water than a traditional farm.
  • Growing in air ensures plants stay super-healthy and free of moulds, fungae and bacteria.
  • Growing under LED’s ensures delivery of the perfect light recipe to the greens, super-charging their natural nutritional value.
  • We grow vertically, in layers, so Grow Mo’ also uses a lot less land area than traditional farming methods (both field and hydroponic).  With the world population set to exceed 9 billion by 2050, this becomes a very important sustainability factor.

  • We grow indoors which guarantees you a constant supply all year around. No big rain and hail storms, and no freezing winter will ever empty your salad basket
  • Growing indoors also means NO PESTICIDES!  Imagine that, perfectly safe to eat with no ill-health side effects. And no need to wash before eating, thereby saving water once again.
  • We also feed our little gems their absolute favourite food, full of all the good things needed in their little plant lives, so that they can do their magic and transform into all the good things that you and I need in life.
  • We deliver on-root. So when you get it home, simply add a little water and your greens will keep on growing!  Yes, that’s right, YOU can harvest them FRESH, as and when you need them. With this new and exciting farming method, wilted greens are truly a thing of the past.

Our microgreens are super-high quality, ultra-nutritious, fantastically tasty, and humongously healthy.

We seed our greens on day 1 and they are ready for delivery by day 7-12 (variety dependent).  Once delivered, simply keep the roots damp and your greens will continue to grow until you are ready to harvest.

Explore our story further by having a look at our products.

All of these loving touches result in the most wonderful little microgreens, grown especially for you.